A new River Bend novel is coming!

So…finally, right?! I’ve received messages in the last two years, asking when readers would get to see more from the River Bend series. It’s a lovely idea, you know? Community, family, best friends, gravel roads, pastures, corn fields, dangling your feet off the river bank and into the water, drinking a cold beer on the tailgate of a pickup truck… It’s how I grew up, and it’s why I’ve enjoyed writing about it so much! And I know many of you have fallen in love with the town, the people, the possibilities.

I’ve been writing the second novel for what seems like FOREVER. I know most of you understand what it’s like to get overwhelmed with work and family and LIFE. And that’s what happened to me. But I kept writing, whenever I could squeeze the time in. And…


So this is happening! Yay! This is the FIRST teaser. And I’ll post more as they come in. And I’ll share some fun stuff about the characters here on my blog. Make sure to drop by often!

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If you haven’t read the FIRST book in the series, that’s okay! All the books in the series are stand-alone novels, but they are based in the fictional town of River Bend, Nebraska, and feature recurring characters you fall in love with 🙂 I love Jaden and Cole’s story though, and I think  you will too! Especially if you love second chance romance, small towns, and laughter.

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