Romance author Niecey Roy lives in Nebraska with her family. In the summertime, you will find her  on a sandbar in the Loup River, dancing before a bonfire under the stars, singing loudly, laughing freely, and always barefoot. She’s a dreamer and a gypsy soul, and isn’t  ashamed that she wears her heart on her sleeve.

She wrote her first story in the third grade as a class assignment, a murder mystery which the teacher read aloud in class, stoking her fire to become a published writer. From there, she went on to pen poetry and stories about love and paranormal adventures. Her happiness is to forever write about breathless first kisses and sometimes, when it works, happily-ever-afters.

Usually, you will find her in a cluttered office, working her tired little fingers away on a keyboard. Coffee, energy shots, and eye drops are her tools for storytelling. When her fingers need a break, you will find her at a table with friends, drinking too many  martinis, which she always regrets the next morning when she’s nursing a headache. She’s usually the loudest at the table, even when she tries not to be, and often snorting with laughter.

Another passion of hers is cooking. She loves everything about food–cooking it, smelling it, eating it–and she always incorporates food into her stories. She can’t help it; she’s admitted to having a one-track mind, which she explains is a result of growing up with a Polish grandma who always cooked the best everything, and always with butter, and having a Filipino mother, who loves to cook all her favorite Asian dishes in abundance. One of Niecey’s favorite things is to sit around a crowded table with family, food, and laughter.

Her husband is her muse, and he doesn’t even know it. Much of the humor in her books can be attributed to him, and she constantly finds herself rushing to her office or the nearest scrap of paper to jot down something he’s said. They have a good thing going–she never tells him how to restore his cars, and he never complains about her fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants ways, and her growing collection of LipSense.

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