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Until then, meet Phae, Iris, Theron, Daniel, and Calix in their hilariously harrowing adventure in the Magic & Mayhem Universe!


The Misfortune of Dating a Witch: Magic and Mayhem Universe

by Niecey Roy


I’m broken.

Okay, not actually. But even though I’m new at this witch stuff, I’m pretty sure things aren’t supposed to randomly burst into flames around me. It’s really starting to cramp my style.

To make matters worse, I accidentally put my date in a magical coma. And somehow—a rookie mistake—I yanked Daniel’s soul from his body. As a witch, I totally suck.

The bad news: time is running out to return Daniel’s soul or he’ll haunt me forever. The good news: Baba Yaga told me how to fix this mess. Hard to do, though, when my magic is going haywire and there’s a super sexy badass hunter who won’t let me out of his sight. Did I mention there’s a demon out there trying to kill me?

I swear, this witch can’t catch a break!





Note from Niecey ~

The Misfortune of Dating a Witch is my novella releasing along with 16 other side-splitting hilarious novellas by other wonderfully talented authors in the Magic & Mayhem Universe. What is the Magic & Mayhem Universe? Well, it’s a world created by Robyn Peterman, who penned a series of hysterical paranormal romance novels, and she’s asked her author friends to join in on the WICKED FUN!

In The Misfortune of Dating a Witch, I’ve intertwined a couple of her characters, along with my own, and have created a humorous paranormal romance for your reading pleasure!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when Robyn asked me to join this group of awesomely talented authors. Writing in the MMU-verse has seriously been a blast. I’ve always wanted to venture into paranormal, and this was the nudge I needed. Everyone in the group is so incredibly talented. I’m very lucky to be part of this Blast Off!

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